Thursday, July 15, 2010

Colorado Dreaming.

"Turns out not where but who you're with that really matters, that really matters"
[Dave Matthews Band]

I think he's really only half right.

I recently returned from a family vacation (second one in three years - we're on a roll here, people), it turns out where we were and who we were with both played big factors. Granted, my mom did comment that we could be in "Lombard [a suburb of Chicago] right now" and she'd be happy (and I agreed).

Here are some things you need for an ideal vacation:

1) Find a place with a view.

2) Though laughing is encouraged, serious discussions about the difference between gelato and ice cream are also required.

3) Realize your brothers can be your chums as well. This makes for an easier transition into the vacation world (sans bickering). Trust me - I've spent years separating these two. It's nice to breathe easier these days.

4) The ability to not take yourself too seriously - and to surround yourself with people who will remind of that constantly.

There you have it - the recipe for a far from perfect, but close to vacation!

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