Saturday, June 18, 2011

high on depauw.

Cinco de DePauw.

Five years ago, we graduated from the great DePauw University in sweet little Greencastle, Indiana. It's just insane that by now, we've known our college friends longer out of school than we spent in school. That's just the way the cookie crumbles, eh?

While Katie and I were driving on scenic 65 last Friday evening, she mentioned how a few of her coworkers couldn't possibly imagine going back to the college reunions. Without skipping a beat, we both acknowledged that was insane and how we actually couldn't imagine not going back.

Alas, the weekend was so much more than I expected - in the best possible way. It was as if nothing had ever changed. Sure - we all had tacked on five years in the real world or years at law school or years bumming around, not quite knowing what was next. One thing was for certain though: we all had grown more appreciation for one another (and I thought it wasn't possible).

From keg stands to 5am bedtimes to early morning convocations to beer tents to tent dances to another late night to reconvening on the 2nd floor of Kappa to laugh about did that really happen? - I sure do miss college.

So thanks to everyone who came back and to those who couldn't make it, see ya at the ten year! (YIKES)

Where DePauwty at? will never get old.

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