Friday, September 2, 2011

rule #76: no excuses. play like a frickin' champion.

Maybe it's that I'm a sucker for lists and rules - at least when said lists and rules apply to life.

Thanks to Pinterest, I discovered my new favorite blog of rules: Etiquette for a Lady.

If I've just blown your mind between Pinterest and the Etiquette blog, sit tight and enjoy both website rides.

Etiquette of a Lady is a wonderfully soothing place where ladies submit their own rules; however, there must be little web elves who screen which posts appear online. I can think of a few rules I'd add which wouldn't exactly highlight the etiquette of me - which brings me to why I chose to post rule #158 above.

Now's a good time to share a fun story. I went on a date last night with a male we'll call Frickin' - mostly because that's what he said every other word instead of just swearing already. Anyways, ten minutes into the date (oh hell, two minutes if we're being honest), I knew he wasn't my future so I sat there and forced myself to converse. Luckily, I can talk to a wall, a dog or myself really well.

Finally, two hours pass - two hours too many, but that's neither here nor there - and I realize I can politely call it a night without stripping him of his manlihood. The bill came and being the polite nice person I am, I offered to split (truth: I was merely being polite).

To my astonishment, Frickin' looked at me and said: "Oh well, sure! That'd be great - if you don't mind." Are you kidding? Of course I mind. The total bill was fourteen dollars, Frickin'. This was your idea. I was being nice was what I should have said, but instead I looked down, rolled my eyes at my wallet and tentatively placed my card down to split the bill. Alas, it's safe to say there will be no frickin' date number two but I definitely learned a lesson:

Rule #207: When on a date in which a man initiates, do not offer to split the bill...
especially when the total bill is less than twenty dollars.

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