Wednesday, November 30, 2011

new way to spend a birthday.

I'm a fan of other people's birthdays, just not my own.

Don't get me wrong: I actually absolutely love that I was born on Valentine's Day because it gives me reason to always celebrate it and one of my best friend's has the same day of birth. I just don't like when others make a big deal about my big day. The idea of a surprise party actually makes me shudder. Shouldn't it be my mom you're praising each year? She's half of the reason I'm here anyways.

I stumbled upon this girl, Robyn, and her "Birthday Project." Now I know exactly how I am going to be spending my 28th birthday come February of 2012: 28 random acts of kindness coming right up.

I can't think of any cooler way to tack on another year of life.


Robyn @ The Birthday Project said...

Wow Kerri. Thanks very much for the mention on your awesome blog! I'm honored and also so thankful to have inspired you. My 2nd daughter's due date was Feb 14...she came a little early but I always thought that would be a great holiday to be born on. I hope you'll share your birthday experiences with the rest of The Birthday Project community. We kinda thrive off of the inspiration of others! Have a wonderful holiday season.!

Kerri said...

Of course, Robyn! Thanks for introducing me to the idea...cannot wait for my bday to roll around now!