Sunday, December 11, 2011


The purpose of this post is to send a little virtual merry to my cousin, Jay.

He’s currently in Kuwait – doing Air Force-y things since he can fly really BIG planes. Originally scheduled to be deployed in time for a Christmas Eve homecoming, we sadly just learned he’ll be spending Christmas in Kuwait and won't be home until December 30th. Though we’re thankful he’s safe and sound (and treating the news with good humor and spirit), it still a big ol' fat bummer.

I was just going to write an email for his eyes only, but then I realized that’d be pretty selfish of me. Everyone should know how much the Golden Boy (as his twelve siblings lovingly refer to him as, moreso his mom) rocks.

Here’s why:
-          He makes fun of each of his sisters with ease and when doing so, they each seem to have the same voice. It’s uncanny.
-          He jumped on board immediately when his sister Meghan and I thought it would be HYSTERICAL and necessary to say the word hashtag then add a fun trending topic of the moment. It’s not just for Twitter anymore. #nevergetsold
-          At cousin Emily’s wedding, he was smart enough to declare: “I am NEVER missing a Blinn wedding” then promptly got engaged so the next wedding would be his.
-          He was a Rangers fan before they were good. He’s a Rangers fan still and is especially happy they are good.
-          He was smart enough to spot something special in a girl named Kendall early on. Then even smarter still to decide to keep her forever.
-          He doesn’t mind people calling him “Jaybo” out loud.
-          He’s sacrificed for this great country and kept any complaints he has to a minimum.
-          He’s a Blinn and therefore it’s in our blood to be awesome.

So here’s to you, Jaybo.
Happy holidays, kiddo. 
#theresalwaysnextyear (says the Cubs fan)

With 3 of the 4 sisters and yours truly.
The night #hashtag was born into our spoken vocab.

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Anonymous said...

This makes me want to serenade both of you with that old standard (penned by your father and I lo these many years ago). The lyrics lest I be the only one with an earworm:

Jay and Kerri walking along
A hoppin' and a skippin'
And a singin' a song
They were quite little
They were quite small
But they were walking
Straight and Tall

Singing: "Hey Kerri,
Hey Kerri,
Don't you know
God loves you."
Singing: "Hey, Jay,
Hey, Jay,
He loves you too.
He loves us all the same.
Yes, He loves us all the same."