Wednesday, April 24, 2013

HIIT 'em up style

I'm not a fashion trendy person, but I am a fitness trendy person.

I'll try most things at least once (Spartacus)...and things I like more than once to make them a mainstay (Nike Training Camp).

I've been reading a lot of fitness/food blogs lately (and I have to admit - they all kinda look/read the same thing), but I read them anyways.

A common trend I've picked up is essentially eliminating multiple "steady pace" runs during the week. Sure, I can run and knock out anywhere from 3-6 miles without training, but what was I accomplishing? Not much other than the satisfaction when it was done.

HIIT is the new thing (and maybe it's not new, but it is to me!):

And oh my gosh. I love it. I love it because you really can't do it wrong. And you can totally make up your own routine - go your own speeds, your own inclines. It's like a "choose your own adventure" and you accomplish even more in a 20-30 minute session on the dreadmill. Plus the minutes fly by. No but seriously, they do.

For example, here's what I did this morning (and I totally just made it up on the fly):

I love being in charge of what I do and trust me, 30 seconds feels like a looooooooong time when you going at a 6 minute mile pace (and you're me who doesn't run 6 minute miles anymore...).

That being said, I am not eliminating steady runs all together - just limited them to once a week.

Go on - get movin'!

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