Tuesday, December 2, 2014

december eh?

Thanksgiving 2014 has come and gone. And you guys, it was easily one of the best ones yet. Complete with an early arrival from Germany, loads of red wine and a sing-a-long for the books.

I don't have enough words so videos (and the only pics I took) will have to suffice.

THE SURPRISE and wildy awesome reaction from the madre:

The infamous "Miller Beer" jingle from the 70s that will never get old to TCB and the J.Man (aka college roommates). My apologies for the low quality:

Mashed potatoes are THE best

Cranberry makin' since 1984

Trottin' turkeys

Carvin' ze turkey

Ang and ol' Rick

Stairwell serenades

Friends in low places...maybe?

And just like that, it's December. Bring on the holidaze!

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