Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Friends Classification

I have smart friends.

I surround myself with smart people who pose interesting questions. The question I would like to share that was recently posed by my friend, B, while sitting at "MiniBar" in Boston was this:

If you were inanimate object, what you would be?

Genius! Instead of answering for ourselves, we let each other choose what kind of object we represent. I strongly urge you do this among friends. It is hysterical.

We classified each other as the following:

A is her polka-dotted iPod speaker case
(as she is loud, loves polka dots and entertains others constantly)

B is one of those sprinklers with arms that releases water everywhere
(as she is very animated, refreshing and leaves you guessing where her stories are headed)

I was classified as Billy the Big Mouth Bass - aka the fish that sings
(speaks for itself?)
...to be fair, I was classified originally as a pineapple-shaped porchlight...
...we revised, which is allowed...

Amusement doesn't get much better.

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