Friday, July 24, 2009

Beauty Without Words.

So I Know They Can Dance.

So on Wednesday night, I was on my couch (as I've spent the last three nights, attempting to kick this summertime cold that is in turn kicking me)...and playing the ignorant American, I flipped through all the channels that were airing the President's Press Conference...and stumbled upon So You Think You Can Dance (thanks, Fox - might be the only time I actually thank you).

I've watched episodes every now and again, but remember the reason I'm not addicted: that one lady judge who can scream and cackle. Gives me the heeby-ba-jeebies.

But the other night, I tuned in and I am glad I did.
First, Ellen DeGeneres was the guest judge so MONEY!
Second, I witnessed a dance that I know affects a lot of people (myself included).

It was beautiful.

Then I felt them. Something I hadn't realized had happened during the two minutes I was watching two people dance to Maxwell's "This Woman's Work" - but I felt them: tears. I was actually moved to tears. Maybe it was the cold medicine, maybe not.

Either way, this video is amazingly pretty.

And yes, I am being completely geniune. Kudos to you, dancers - you pulled this off without looking cheesy.

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