Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Where the Frick is Bowling Green, Ohio?

'Why do I ask?' Do you ask...

Well, that's where I spent my weekend...reuniting with the gazillions of relatives that stem from the Angel side of the family.

After a few hours of reuniting and double-checking you could correctly name everyone (places of residence are next year), we moved onto a restaurant (shocking, I know) for dinner.

Where did we go? Fricker's! That's where!

Fricker's: where one can eat "Rib and Wing or CHUNK."

Nothing says appetizing like the word CHUNK.

After learning that my dad's cousin bought the hair dryer from the Holiday Inn Express in Bowling Green because she "loved the way it did my hair!" and had spent the night Googling "acid reflux," it was definitely great to catch up with family.

If I were a waitress at Fricker's, I would definitely promote myself as a Frickin' waitress, ready for your frickin' order.
That wouldn't ever get old.
(she says now)

Anyways, good times were had by all and I would definitely go back. Although I am a wimp and even their BBQ sauce was too spicy for me, but others enjoyed!

In short - Bowling Green, Ohio?


1 comment:

Unknown said...

I'm gonna frickin' second that!

Bowling Green frickin' rocks by business socks off.