Friday, April 23, 2010

Smart Words. Always Preferred.

So I'm dining at my friend Kristyn's casa two nights ago. A couple of us have put together a mish mash of a meal - my favorite kind - because like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're doing to get.

We've consumed all we can when her doorbell buzzer fills the room. The three of us look at each other in confusion because it's 9pm on a Wednesday night and we're not expecting anyone else (since others bailed suffering with acid reflux and allergies...aka booooooring).

So Kris goes over to the buzzer to inquire and it's this "door-to-door" salesman from some place that just sounded sketchy. No need to answer - let's let him move on.

After settling back into her spot on the sofa, her words of wisdom arrive:

"Well, he either worked for that company...or he did not," she says with all seriousness.

Reason #49342 I am friends with her: She really never leaves me without at least one quotable to hang onto for the rest of my life.

And yes, Kris, you are so right. He either did or he did not. Same way, I'm either really writing this blog post...OR I'm not.

It's nights like that where I grow extra-thankful for my friends.

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