Thursday, May 6, 2010

Have You Ever Noticed...

how quick people are to tell you how very busy their life is?

I think it's human nature. Competition: to be busier, to be better.

I went to Denver this past weekend to visit Brother Bear and came back sleep-deprived, but calmer.

I consider myself a pretty calm person in the first place, but I know I can get worked up - though never on purpose. Ricky has always been the simplistic realist. He'll ask one question to my seven and his makes more sense than any of mine.

I can't decide if it's his impressive dance moves:

or if it's just his really pretty facial expressions:

But mostly,
I think it's that he just enjoys living. Embraces it.

So I think we should all dance like so and okay, you don't you have to make that face - but enjoy the challenges as they come. My challenge right now is that my right foot is currently asleep and I'm afraid to pull a Jerry Seinfeld.

Jerry stands up and begins limping.
George: "What's the matter with your leg?"
Jerry: "My foot fell asleep"
George: "How'd your foot fall asleep?"
Jerry: "I crossed my legs. I forgot to alernate."

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