Tuesday, August 3, 2010

if i wasn't such a sucker for you.

I've never been a huge lollipop fan. When I found myself in a penny candy shop as a kid, I'd head straight to the caramel cremes, cherry coins or swedish fish.

The hotel we graced our presence with in Colorado kept a nice stash of Chupa Chups at the front desk.

What's a Chupa Chup, you ask?

Great question. It's a lollipop which entices you to take life less seriously. It enticed Mark to try each flavor at least once and it fooled Ricky into thinking they only labeled the flavors in French. Turns out he doesn't have a future in France. (We later shared with him that if he merely rotated the sucker 180 degrees, he'd find the English version of the flavor - but what fun is that?)

It's the perfect treat after lunch and now I'm just bummed because it seems this was the last of my stash in my purse. All the more reason to savor every last French flavor there is!

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