Monday, April 18, 2011

i do (love me some pictures)

Here's the thing about Facebook: it's been hitting me up left and right tonight. After all, I did post about 60 picturas from the wedding we were lucky enough to attend this past weekend - which was one for the books. And luckily, Meghan is a commenting fiend - and an entertaining one at that.

Bridget - oldest of thirteen highly-amusing individuals - was married on Saturday. It was only necessary that we travel down to Texas to witness this special occasion.

Any time the Blinns get together, you're guaranteed a good time. The weekend was filled with deflated air mattresses, Uncle Rick acknowledging every child of his when the officiator asked "who presents this woman," first dances, Kerri-pours of wine, learning Dallas and Fort Worth are completely different cities, accidental road trips, and most importantly, family appreciating one another. The only tears that fell were caused by sentimental moments or quick witty responses to a statement halfway out of your mouth you'd wish you could take back.

I got back to my apartment last night - feeling content. Totally freaking content. And lucky to have the family I do. Lucky I get to say "well yes, I do have 13 one family." Lucky to enjoy a deli bar as a family dinner. Lucky I have a dad who doesn't like leaving the dance floor either. Lucky I have a mom whose laugh is so contagious that you start laughing with her - even if you've never met her before. Lucky I have cousins who can match and out-wit me when needed.

Just plain lucky.

Hit me baby, one more time: the new Mrs. Spears
The Texas Blinns - all of 'em
The Chicago "Blinns" - some of 'em
My mom and dad make me so proud.
Don't be fooled by those smiles. We're not that normal.
We are family. Get up everybody & sing.
The glowing bride (as they say) and yours truly.
Does it make you nervous that he flies planes for a living?
The future of America.
However, it also made me appreciate not having a wedding to attend every weekend. I was exhausted from so much laughing. Every two weeks will have to do so please plan on working around my schedule.

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erin said...

Thank you for this! I am lucky you're my cousin.