Thursday, April 21, 2011

watch out!

"If you can't get someone off your mind, chances are it's because they are supposed to be there"

This also applies to "something."

And for me that "something" was a watch. I'd been eyeing it since late last year - the usual post-Christmas yearning. However, the one on sale had gold decor and while I am not opposed to gold in any way, it wasn't a "wow".

I taught myself to forget about it until my mom told me a couple months ago she had just bought the "cutest Adidas watch." And I thought...could it be? No.

But yes, it was. It was the same watch I've had on my mind except hers was purple and lime green (also awesome).

I let a month slip by wearing my running watch every day, until last week: The white Adidas watch came back to haunt me. So to eBay I went and here I sit today, wearing the watch happily - all the more wiser for knowing the time and trusting my mind.

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J-Man said...

You can wear it while watching TV, watching the Cubs, watching a movie, many things to watch with your new watch