Monday, January 30, 2012

there's nuun like it.

I can't drink Gatorade anymore. It upsets my stomach. Maybe it's the sugar but something in that concoction just does not agree with me.

I was chatting with The Joe about my stomach/sports drink frustration over the holidays and he opened his ever-handy drawer full of runner's introduce me to the world of nuun.

My sports drink world has officially been rocked. It's got more flavor than water (but really, what doesn't have more flavor than water?) but also adds electrolytes to your water via a tablet! It takes two minutes to dissolve and it's fun to watch it fizzle away. A lot more fun than Alka-Seltzer, that's for sure. Even better - there's zero sugar!

I'm pretty excited to be able to restore my electrolytes without losing my stomach too! #littlevictories

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