Monday, May 14, 2012

setting the bar...pretty low.

Yesterday was Mother's Day. In honor of my Peggy, I braved the kitchen to make "lowfat delicious lemon bars." Granted I'm not a huge lemon-y fan (unless it's lemonade with a little blueberry vodka swirled in), but I figured I could go these a whirl for her.

I was excited. I had the ingredients ready. I left myself ample baking time. I was feeling confident.

I followed the directions and have to admit: these things looked GOOD. Once they were cooled, I added the confectioners sugar and viola! Lemon bars were born!

Feeling proud of myself, I loaded them in the fridge to chill overnight and went about my Saturday/night.

Flash forward to dessert time last night. What you need to know is I was battling the ever delicious birthday cake and Graeter's ice cream (thanks to Allie)! Knowing I needed to bring it in the dessert department, I was ready.

My dad was the brave soul to give the first one a try. I was so excited and kept cheering, "Is it good? Do you like it? What do you think?" The poor man couldn't even chew it. His eyes just grew wide and he just started laughing hysterically. He didn't say a word. Naturally I reacted: "You hate them! Are they gross? Oh no, are they gross?!" Still chuckling...and attempting to chew, he managed a "they're...fine" which set us all off laughing. Ricky then dove in and he didn't even give me a courtesy chew! He literally spit it out in the trash. I felt awful, but was also so entertained by everyone's reactions.

I was the last one to test and holy cow: they were TERRIBLE. I bit into it and the top stuck to my teeth. It was unchewable. My dad lovingly dubbed them: "memory foam bars" because you could press the top with your finger and it would just pop back up.

Needless to say, I will not be making what is pictured above ever again, but I daresay I accidentally made Mother's Day 2012 pretty memorable...with the lemon bars we'd all like to forget.

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Jan said...

Did you try a birthday cake for Rick?