Thursday, June 7, 2012

no words necessary

Attitude's a funny thing: especially when you decide to change it. Everything looks just a bit the best kinda way.

Colors are brighter and people are smiley-er.

Now I'm not saying I was down in the dumps - heck, the only side I see is bright - but recently, I found myself...wait for it...wait for it...complaining (gasp!). Yes, yes, I know.

The dreaded C word.

Funny how one little visit to a place that begins with a C can turn it all around. And no, clearly, the irony does not escape me.

Cape Cod. Duh.

Meet my Memorial Day 2k12: where no words are necessary because these pictures are worth a thousand words (and my writing is full of cliches)...

Tuna and I during our moped ride on Martha's Vineyard. SAFETY FIRST.

Lunch view from The Black Dog Tavern. It's famous?

Gang's all here.

Absolutely no filters needed.

Epic night, naturally.

Blowing kisses to those on the shore.

Rocking The Shack Out Back.

"Happy Memorial Day," says Dennis, Massachusetts.

Sailboat sights from a sailboat.

Little house on the Cape.

...nuff said, eh?

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