Monday, February 4, 2013

quote of the day.

So it's February now?

How did that happen? What this [month] means to me is I have lived another year (ay carumba).

I thought I'd share this tidbit I read the other morning. A tidbit I totally intend to embrace:

"For a long time, you vaguely assume that there’s a you who you’re going to be when you grow up, and then you realize that you have been grown up for a while and this is it; this is you, pretty much for keeps."*

So that's that. 

I'm me for keeps**...and luckily, I'm a-okay with that

Also, one of my favorite things about February? Conversation hearts!

This year, it appears I bought Spanish ones on accident...mmm me gusta!

* Unfortunately, I can't take advantage of this quote, but you can read more here
** Note: "me for keeps" just means I'll be a work in progress forever. Join me!

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