Monday, January 5, 2015

all was merry & bright & warm.

I feel like a broken record each year, recalling how fast the holiday season flies by and how awesome everything is.

This year was no different, except was.

Instead of a white Christmas, we were lucky enough to spend two weeks away from the winter coats and wind chill - and spend time in Siesta Key instead. Apparently I had been before but I was only six weeks old and slept in a drawer so technically I'm counting this as my first time - as I'm now 30 and got upgraded to a bed.

We rented a condo right across the street from the beach and I'd say it's a Christmas miracle we are all still talking and enjoy each other's company after spending 10+ days together.

I know I'm lucky but there's something about the holiday season that offers a sweet sweet reminder of all things that are good. And just how grateful I am to have these four knuckleheads by my side for always.

And since I do pictures, here's a quick photographic recap of the trip:

The view every morning:

Mugs and I wasted no time setting a new paddleball record on the world's craziest, most sugar like sand:

Dad just loves being close to his son:

That one time I combined Mark and Mugs to give him a new nickname of "Margs" then he consumed one: 

To wrap up the parents' 35th anniversary, we got them a sunset dinner cruise and it was delightful:

Open containers are allowed on the beaches? Nuff said: 

Post sunset sky:

Peg and I borrowed these cabanas for sunset:

New Year's Eve in Naples on TCB's boat and this happened (and I was absolutely obsessed): 

The remaining Angels on NYE:

Just drinking some champs in front of my new dream home: 

Glen Ellyn hits Siesta Key: 

One last sunset:

Cheersin' to a solid vacation and Mark looking like another race:

So bring it on, 2015. I'm more than ready for you and truly looking forward to see what this year has in store.

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