Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Greek To Me.

Okay, go ahead and sit back.
No need to be at the edge of your seat any longer.

Because my snack update is here!

Since the beginning of 2010, I've made a conscious effort to eat smarter. Knowing that I have been blessed with my dad's sweet tooth, I allow myself certain indulgences. I mean, seriously, who can really say "no" to a conversation heart that says "PARTY TIME"? That's what I thought...

Whilst grocery shopping on Saturday (mind you: I actually *hate* grocery shopping. It's up there with permit parking and pens with non-flowy ink), I four-wheeled by some greek yogurt on sale. Having read the benefits of such a food, I thought I'd be good to my body and give it a go.

Enter: yesterday. I snacked on said greek yogurt and added a touch of cinnamon. And let's just say, the results resulted in me being disgusted with the snack. I was so bummed.

Enter: co-worker Liz who knows all when it comes to food and many other things. "I typically add some brown sugar to mine," she tells me.

Thinking I could handle that (and unknowingly, I had purchased brown sugar on Saturday), I saw the greek yogurt stars aligning.

Enter: today at 4:02pm (also known as: my snack time). Determined to make myself like this greek yogurt, I anxiously added in just a tad of brown sugar and let me tell you this: I was not prepared for how much BETTER this snack had become. Simply by replacing the cinnamon with the brown sugar, I have found my new favorite snack.

It is delicious, healthy, filling and a real treat.

Now, the only bummer (mainly for my wallet) is this makes me want to ship out to Greece so very badly. I mean, if brown sugar has the ability to change my greek yogurt world...just imagine what the entire country could do for me?!

Ahhh....the act of dreaming: I have mastered.

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