Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pessimist in Aisle 4

I really and truly dislike grocery shopping and tend to make it my goal to get in & out of that store as fast as I can.

Tonight, in the checkout line, I was behind two girls who were obviously good friends, each buying the same type of bottle of wine, but purchasing them separately.

For whatever reason, this struck a chord with the guy standing behind me, Mr. Not-So-Patient-And-Must-Tell-Everyone-About-His-Impatience.

As the cashier was ringing up my (very healthy) items and the two friends had paid and were out of earshot, Mr. Big Shot looked me in the eye and said, "Did that really just happen?"

I was confused. Flustered, I pulled my wallet out of my purse and said, "Did what just happen?" Then he went on to declare how it was ridiculous that each girl paid for the same bottle of wine separately. Then added, "How lazy of them!" I was even more confused and wasn't sure how to respond because really? That bothered him? I opted to simply say, "To each their own," with a half-smile. He harumphed and I put on my gloves and carried my two bags out the door.

I had a spring in my step because I realized that that poor guy must get flustered over many little things - and little things, if anything, are not the things to worry about. They are the things to appreciate and accept and be thankful they happened.

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