Friday, February 17, 2012

Big rider.

Ready to have your world rocked?

I'm writing this blog post...on my KerriPhone...on a megabus and throwing all formatting to the wind and hoping for the best!

I'm heading towards the great city of Cincinnati to most likely talk about greatly important things and experience life-changing experiences with Tina. I'd like to thank our Presidents of past for making this possible.

No, I haven't cracked open the mini carton of wine I bought for $3.99 yet. Mostly because I'm still thirsty for water and secondly because I'm not confident the male sitting next to me will react in a positive manner. Let's just say he probably prefers rainy days to sun and complains if food he orders for delivery arrives too fast. A true optimist, if you will.

By far, the coolest part of this Megabus - which I haven't been in since April 2011 - is most definitely the ceiling-length sun roof. No joke. It was awesome! Then the sun set and now I can gaze creepily upwards while male optimist next to me asks what I'm doing. Looking for the moon! Duh.

Time to enjoy the ride.

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