Thursday, February 23, 2012

my kitchen smells glorious.

That's right. MY kitchen.

Which means only one crazy thing: I'm in here and I'm attempting to concoct something edible.

Thanks to my dear friend, Pinterest, I've actually found a few recipes which caught my eye and had my kitchen whispering, "You can do this..." What? Your kitchen doesn't whisper inspirational sayings to you? Sorry bout cha.

Tonight, I attempted baked apple chips and cheesy quinoa bites. Maybe the apple chips don't look challenging to you, but it takes up 1.5 hours of your time. That's an intense amount of time in my book. They smell glorious though. Plus I went crazy and used cinnamon sugar instead of just straight up cinnamon. Don't want to be predictable now.

I'm a bit nervous about the cheesy quinoa bites because I totally guessed on the ingredients' measurements. I didn't have two cups of cooked quinoa - only 1/2 cup - so that's right: I improvised. Mostly because I'm resourceful and secondly because I didn't feel like going all the way downstairs to Whole Foods to overpay for a single box of quinoa to cook again. You feel me, right?

Anyways, let us fast forward to the final products:

Oh dang. I can't show you visuals because neither of them worked out. Phooey. I mean at least I tried, but my kitchen really needs to stop whispering to me. Clearly it doesn't work.

Where's the cereal and milk?

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