Sunday, December 12, 2010

ahead of the times holiday gift ideas

It's almost mid-December. You're almost hitting that mid-breaking point of AHHH WHAT TO GIFT FOR THE HOLIDAYS?

End the meltdown now with these two brilliant ideas (both courtesy of Vermont Teddy Bears)

Brilliant idea #1: 
Pajama Jeans!

"Looks like denim...but feels like PJs!"  and I can attest this is truth. My Uncle Bob sent me a pair about a month ago and I've been fooling people left and right since. Strangers most likely assume I'm wearing jeans while grocery shopping - ha! Fooled you! These things are like wearing a great secret. They are flattering, comfy and don't require any zipping or buttoning. I admit, when Bob was first telling me about this new invention, I was skeptical. How can jeans be made to fit and feel like PJs? Well, I'm skeptical no more.

It's true - those are the pajama jeans! I'm styling and so comfy. This is right up my alley of fashion. Every girl should own a pair. Heck, every guy should too. Word on the street is male pajama jeans are coming to a drawer near you sometime in the near future.

Brilliant Idea #2: 
The Hoodie-Footie

It's that time of year - when snuggied up on your sofa watching the snow fall is much more enticing than bundling up just to go grab some milk. And let's be honest: the snuggie is so last year (don't worry, I still use the two that I own).  I introduce to you the adult-sized onesie. It's everything you'd think and hope it to be, only more! It's one of the warmest things I've ever worn in my life and so stinkin' soft! Because of the covered feet, you truly do get hot so fast. Luckily, the hoodie-footie is innovative and you simply unzip the feet to give your little piggies some air.

If you're laughing at how ridiculous you think I look, then I'm laughing at how cold you probably are whilst I'm snuggled up so softly.  I'm a normal sized person (or so I like to believe). Check out former NFL great Boomer Esiason trying on the male version then we'll talk.

You're welcome for sharing these gifts and it's okay if you want to go ahead give them to yourself. You owe it to you to be comfy cozy.


lauren jo said...

Really a must for those who work from home... And Kerri, thank you for modeling. I just wouldn't have gotten the full effect otherwise!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it astonishes me - truly - how similar we are in parts. :)