Friday, December 17, 2010

"dad said u were very stressed this morning. i feel bad 4 u"

When my dad got an iPhone a couple years ago, brother Mark had to review "unnecessary texting," a phrase we have embraced in our family. In this lesson, he attempted to show Dad how many of the texts he (Dad) sent which were, in fact, unnecessary. My dad is slowly catching on and Mark's patience is slowly increasing. Little victories!

This brings me to my new favorite website, When Parents Text.

It gives you hope when you realize your parents are not the only ones to send loony texts. In fact, there's even loonier parents out there.

Here's one of my favorite examples - due to its timeliness, the attempted reference to Ryan Reynolds' break-up (maybe I'm too obsessed with this? I just want him to be happy) and the double-take I had to do because it looks like something my dad would write given his history of mixing up celebrity names:

My favorite characteristic of my mom's texts is she hates using punctuation and instead of commas or periods, she'll use spaces. Lots of spaces.

boxes         check        here we go

As for my dad, our text conversations typically look like this:

me: It's flurrying!!!
Dad: A few flakes of fluffy stuff was famously forecasted

God bless us children...every one.

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