Wednesday, December 22, 2010

room with a view.

There's something in the air around the holidays. Maybe it's people feeling more generous than usual (sad, but true). Maybe it's the festive lights at night. Maybe it's the fresh smell of cold air. Maybe it's the snow.

Whatever it is: I love it.

What else I love? The lucky view I have from my new digs.

I enjoy the Sears Tower and Merchandise Mart's red and green decor.

This holiday season, I want you to look around and really & truly grasp the fortunate means in which you get to live. I challenge you to try to go the rest of the year without complaining and say "thank you" to someone unsuspecting. Help a stranger out when they have too many grocery bags on their arms (read: that's usually me) and spontaneously smile. And maybe, just maybe realize that spending these next couple of days with your family - or friends whom have turned into family - is one of those things we should be most grateful. Also, don't judge me for listening to Hanson's "Merry Christmas, Baby" right now. (1997 what?)

Sit back and enjoy these holidaze which go by in a blink.

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