Wednesday, January 12, 2011

DVR you ready to rumble?

Since moving into my new abode, picking out my newest favorite feature is a tough one.

I love the natural light. The windows. The balcony. The view of the Sears Tower (yes, I will call it the Sears Tower forever more. None of this Willis Tower shenanigans). The layout's openness. The size of the bathroom. Taking the elevator down 8 floors to get to the gym. Wearing slippers to the Whole Foods.

All these things are pretty freakin' awesome. However, what I do love most is my DVR. This is my third time with the recordable machine and we still get along like peas and carrots. Never one to forget what I want to watch, doesn't mind skipping through commercials and most definitely never questions what shows I record. We have a winner.

I happened to glance at my latest recordings last night and laughed at the randomness of the shows. My DVR resembles my iTunes: all over the place and very Kerri.

We've got:
• drama
(The Good Wife; Grey's Anatomy; Private Practice; Definitely, Maybe - Ryan Reynolds, duh)
comedy (Friends; Modern Family)
crime (Law & Order: SVU; The Unit)
feel goods (Parenthood; Brothers & Sisters)
white rappers (Eminem Takeover)

You've heard of analyzing people based on what type of coffee they order at Starbucks, how about analyzing someone for what's on their DVR? (If you haven't heard of the Oracle of Starbucks, click that link - it's accurate).

I do feel a bit overexposed for sharing what I record, but am I ashamed? No way. No how.

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Meghan said...

I love my DVR too! Here's a sample of my randomness: Law & Order SVU, Modern Family, Chase, How I Met Your Mother, Sons of Anarchy, Glee, assorted movies from free STARZ/HBO previews, Forensic Files, The Office.. and so much more! love it! :)