Monday, January 31, 2011

money in da bank.

I've always been one to rise to a challenge. Even if it's a challenge I'm creating for myself.

Knowing this is a wedding-heavy year for yours truly (woohoo! as luckily, I love weddings. Well I love receptions because they always have a dancefloor), I need to get better with financials. It's something I always try to do, but then I wonder how hard I really try. Enter my own personal challenge.

With tomorrow arrives February (along with some "storm of the century" to hit Chicago). What better day to start a challenge than the beginning of a new month?

I hereby challenge to spend only $100 of fun money throughout the month. This includes:
- drinks at bars
- cab rides
- meals out at restaurants
- clothes/jewelry/other "necessities" that I don't actually need

Food is a necessity so I cannot lump in groceries as that's just plain silly. As are toiletries. Those are my main exceptions.

Tomorrow at lunch, I will head to the ATM and remove $80 from my account (I've already got a $20 hanging out in my wallet) and this will begin my own challenge. Spending cash always helps me get a grip on the fact that money's actually being spent. Credit and debit cards are dangerous with the "it's just a piece of plastic" mentality of paying.

I'm hoping I'll end up saving some money in the long run and maybe even turn this into a new month-to-month plan.  Or maybe realize that I can do $80 for a month or $50! The possibilities are endless.

Oh dear - I need to settle down and just get through February first. Well, not just February first, but all 28 days.

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