Tuesday, January 18, 2011

how unique.

I'm a grammar nut. Much as Phil from Modern Family says, "I'm a hip dad. That's my thing." I'd venture to say "I'm a typo nut. That's my thing."

Needless to say, I get to do a lot of writing with my job - woohoo! Every so often I'm faced with your basic grammatical obstacle and I find myself Googling to ensure I have it correctly.

Today's dilemna:
An unique or a unique?

I can never remember...so thanks, Google, for reminding me:
"When a "u" word is pronounced as though it begins with a "y" (yoo nique), it's treated more like the consonant sound of the y. So, a university, an umbrella, a usual day, an unusual day."

Now I just need to think of more unique things to say! And while on the subject of grammar, let me take you back to some "old school" because I'm an ol' fool -

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