Saturday, January 8, 2011

whole lotta shakin' goin' on.

Once again, I find myself wishing I had a musically inclined talent. I can't play an instrument (unless you count reading piano music and only playing the right hand portions). I most definitely can't sing well. Sure, I can remember lyrics - but that won't take me very far. Unless I somehow end up on Don't Forget the Lyrics! and blow 'em out of the water.

Back to the topic at hand. Music. Talent. We recently saw Million Dollar Quartet, which is a Broadway production based on an actual event. December 4, 1956. It was the first and only time Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis and Johnny Cash ever sang on the same record.

It was phe•nom•e•nal.

I've always appreciated people who play instruments and play them well. But Jerry Lee Lewis's talent? To quote him, "Goodness gracious! Great balls of Fire!" he was AWESOME. They really don't make music like they used. And naturally, I hold a special place in my heart for piano players.

If you're in Chicago, New York or London, check it out. You'll be tempted to buy some Blue Suede Shoes and join the Party.

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