Friday, October 12, 2012

baby boom.

Here's the thing: my friends are having babies now.

That's reality.

For the first five years out of college, it was all about weddings. It still is, but now babies are being added to the mix and this is something my little head (no seriously, I have a small head. Big brain though.) just can't seem to comprehend. How are we old enough to be in charge of little creatures who fuss, smile, eat, sleep and snuggle?

This has totally taken me by surprise, shock and the best way ever.

Lauren and Brad were in Chicago for the quickest week in the history of weeks (visiting from Singapore...with about ten million bags in tow. NBD) and they brought along just about the sweetest bundle of joy one could imagine: baby Ford. I fell in love instantly.
I mean, seriously?
I found myself just looking at Lauren, then looking at Ford, then looking at Lauren looking at Ford and my heart grew three sizes that day (much like the Grinch minus the whole he "stole Christmas" shtick). My friend totally and completely enamored with her baby plus me totally enamored and completely with her baby. What's not to love?

Let's all gaze at the baby and watch him do nothing. Who knew doing nothing could be so fascinating? Just like watching a fire: mesmerizing.
So easy on the eyes.
The strangest thing about the whole "Lauren had a baby - a real life baby" phenomenon is I never saw her pregnant in person, which makes this experience even more surreal. Sure, I saw pictures, received texts, read her blog, but I never realized how not seeing one of my best friends pregnant in person totally changes the realization that she is a MOM (and a ridiculously flippin' cute one at that).

Ford is one lucky babe. Not only is he surrounded with a hands-on loving family, he has the mother of the year. What earns Lauren this title merely seven weeks into little boy's life? Just the fact she accidentally called her son "Skipper" (a.k.a. her dog's name) last night.

In all seriousness, seeing her with him is just about the coolest thing and it makes me smile right now just thinking about it. I know, ultimate cheeseball alert. Get over it. She is absolutely glowing and in for the ride of a lifetime - and I get to be a  passenger! Aunt Kerri to the rescue, you guys!

I cannot wait for the rest of this boy's life...mostly to see what other creative names Lauren gives him along the way.

Ready, set, go! Oh and also, please just move back to Chicago already. Please and thank you.

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Kristi said...

Meeting the children of your friends is a powerful thing, and it caught me off-guard too!