Tuesday, October 2, 2012

for once, BEARable!

You know what I'm not?

I am not a Jay Cutler fan. I never have been and I'm tempted to add: "and I never will be." However, I've learned in my life to never say never (and no, Justin Bieber did not first teach me those wise words. That credit goes to the pigeons in American Tail).

You know what else I'm not?

I'm not a cat fan. I don't like cats. I like dogs. Dogs do something. They enjoy your company. They get excited to see you. Cats do none of these things. They are seemingly useless (I apologize to all my friends who are cat fans. Please know this is not directed towards you - merely your animal of choice).

So when I stumbled upon this article which compares Jay Cutler to that of a cat? I was instantly smiling and nodding my head in agreement. Not only because it's hysterical, but also because after reading the article, IT JUST MIGHT BE TRUE.
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Although I'm not fan of Cutty, we do need a quarterback and if this is what I'm dealing with, I'll deal...as long as they keep winning and as long as he continues to throw to the right team.

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