Friday, October 19, 2012

minty fresh.

Entering the real world was a rude slap in the face by dolla dolla bills.

I'm talking money management, you guys.

While I don't go on huge shopping sprees, I'll go on little sprees...a little too often. Paired with additional spending (for weddings, gifts, travel, etc.), I need to get things a little more under control. Excel just wasn't cutting it anymore.

I had attempted a few years back, but like most things, clearly they just needed to work out a few of their kinks because I'm back at it. I just reconfigured everything this morning and it's already a cleaner lay-out and an eye-opening "I owe how much?"

Why is cool, you ask? I'll tell you.

Although it seems scary and shady to link up your bank account and credit cards onto some random website, I've done some reading on their security measures. Their founder, Aaron Patzer, mentions that "account information is encrypted and stored on's own servers, which are located in an unmarked building. To get into the building, Mr. Patzer said, one needs to scan his or her hand, pass by a guard and then go through a long hallway where you'll be trapped if there are suspicions about you."

They also hire "white knights" aka hackers to try and break into the system every three months. They hire knights? Good enough for me!

Security issues aside, in a world where we all have a 102 usernames and passwords, it's nice to have one consistent log-in to view all the credit cards and bank accounts on one site. Talk about streamlining!

With the holidays coming up, I've decided to set a few rules for myself (I'm a sucker for some rules and a list):
1. No clothing/apparel purchases for me
2. Hit up the grocery store at least twice a month and pack more lunches
3. Pay with cash more
4. Use debit card as much as possible
5. Don't worry about money - it's just paper!

Cheers to smarter spending and a larger savings account for the just in cases...

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