Tuesday, May 17, 2011


TMI: too much information.

We live in a social media-involved world. It's everywhere we go and I totally love it.

What I don't love? The oversharing of unnecessary uninteresting facts. Finding out you have an infection through Facebook? Yeah, I didn't need to know that.

This pretty much sums it up:

Sunday, May 8, 2011

peg's day

Although today is Mother's Day for everyone else, we Angels like to keep others on their toes. Therefore, we're celebrating Mother's Day a day late - in order to accommodate more siblings (sorry, Richard).

Since the celebration itself hasn't yet happened, I'd still like to take today to share just how awesome our Peggy is.

I distinctly remember this weekend last year because she and I went to an Illinois Wesleyan/North Central baseball game (the whole "can't let go of college baseball" strikes hard and fast sometimes). One of the guys on IWU (read: Ricky's former teammate) was in a major slump. Just hitting absolutely nothing. And as a senior, that's no way to go out.

During the game (the day before Mother's Day), said player ripped a grand slam. His facial expression was priceless. Slump be gone.

Being the mom that Peg is, she recognized what it meant to come out of a rough hitting patch and before I knew it, she wasn't sitting beside me anymore.

Others in the stands asked the same question I did: "Where'd Peg go?"

I glanced around when suddenly, I saw her scurrying behind the left field fence. Immediately, I knew what she was doing and tears sprung in my eyes.

She was going to recover the grand slam ball and give it back to the hitter so he could remember that slumps are always temporary.

That's our Peggy in a nutshell: doing the little things with quiet class.

I could share every story of every little thing she's done, but I don't want to max out the Internet.

She's the best role model a girl could ask for and when people tell me that I'm like her, "thank you" doesn't even begin to cover it.

So happy Mom's day, Mom. Thanks for still giving me love presents even though I'm 27.

"'You know,' she said, 'even if she weren't my mom,
I would go out of my way to be friends with her.'"

Friday, May 6, 2011

it's a wedding day miracle!

...were the exclaimed words of Sarah, another fellow bridesmaid, on Saturday, April 30.

The forecast had called for a high of 72* with a 60% chance of thunderstorms. How much rain did we see? Nada drop. The winds threatened and teased us around 3:15 as we strolled nonchalently downtown Wheaton and into a bar, but as it turns out those were empty threats.

The day went something like this.

First, #1: There was the hair.

I told her to simply leave it like that. The hair was speaking for itself. She did not agree.

#2: The make-up.

#3: The dress - complete with extra support.

#4: The lesser-noticed bridesmaid dresses. How can you not look at the stunning bride? We were just peons. Happy peons nonetheless!

 #5: Adding the bling in front of the red roses Mr. Mike had sent over earlier that morning - even though he tried to cancel the shipment twice.

#6: The obligatory "you're getting married in less than one hour" picture. Stand next to me now.

#7: Then all of the sudden, they're married. So we make a pit stop at a bar on our way to the reception. If you didn't know them, you'd judge and simply think they took too many shots at said bar due to the closed eyes. Alas, this is just how they take pictures. Eyes closed - huge smiles. It's all they'll ever know.

#8: The tank. Now that they are officially Mr. and Mrs. Mowell, it was time for the tank and maybe my favorite picture from the entire night. It's a toss up between this or my dad doing the sprinkler.

Not many people get to claim that they've made it through preschool, elementary school, junior high, high school, college and post college - only to have a friendship stronger than ever.

Mrs. Natalie Mowell, congratulations are in order. You are now officially in charge of that man and to ensure he doesn't eat whole blocks of cheese in one sitting again.

You...complete him.