Monday, May 20, 2013

just like that.

Every so often, life hands you a moment where you actually get to be a "big sister." I've had my handful of moments and can't wait for the ones to come.

This week's moment was brought to you by Davidson College.

The class of 2013 graduated.

When Mark was accepted to Davidson and those words (and numbers) were a part of his acceptance letter, I couldn't help but think "That is so far in the future...I wonder how far away Davidson actually is?" (then Google Maps showed me exactly where it was because I hadn't a clue).

It was 2009. 2013 was years away. I had a lot to accomplish in that long span of time.

But in a blink of eye, it was (is) 2013.

Four years of watching my brother grow into the little old man I always knew he was...and I mean that in the best possible way. I call him "The Governor" (then stupid "Walking Dead" - and by stupid, I mean awesome - went and created a character named the same damn thing. Now I feel like that I have to defend my original nickname for Mark so people don't think he's some psychotic human who tried to keep his zombie daughter alive...I digress).

I call him "The Governor" not because he's a sleazy politician, but because he can work a room and genuinely be excited to see anyone he sees (unless he's just woken up in the morning or from a nap. Then steer clear). He knows (or pretends to know) every person in the room. He's the kid everyone says hi to. You want to be his friend. He can be witty. He can be intellectual. He's relatable. He can overanalyze with the best of them. He's human. He makes mistakes - which is exactly why you want to be his friend.

Yesterday, he walked across that stage with air of confidence I haven't seen in a long time. Watching him on Davidson's campus was - for lack of better words - awesome. It was his place. He was at home and so darn happy.

There's not much else you can want for the ones you love.

And just like that, Mark Angel is a college graduate. (Just typing those words made me tear up...again). I am so excited to watch him take on the real world and see what's next.

I've gotta feelin' some big things are about to happen. Watch out, Earth.

Friday, May 10, 2013

john + jimmy = best lip sync-ing ever.

What's the way to my heart, you ask?

Two heartthrobs battling it out - lip sync-ing style.


Watch this now.
It'll brighten your day. I promise. And if it doesn't, you need to lighten up.

I have no words.
No words.

A happy Friday fo sho.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

what real men do.

It's amazing what can happen in 26 seconds.

While it's sad this video is actually necessary, a big kudos goes out to University of Oregon's Samantha Stendal who released it.

Preach on, sista.