Tuesday, October 29, 2013


I dislike Halloween. Growing up, it always stressed me out because I had to have the cleverest costume. Then, I'd change my mind on said costume roughly 12 hours prior to school starting.

I specifically remember one Halloween when I was set to be Steve Urkel. I had spent a good portion of the week, practicing and nailing my "Did I dooooooo thaaaaaaat?" voice.

The night before that fateful Halloween - which in elementary school meant you got to wear your costume to school, which was ten kinds of exciting - I ran into my parents' room, crying. Steve Urkel was a terrible idea! No one will like it. I'll have no friends! You know, all the usual 10 year old life-ruining girl drama. Peg loved it! Read: Peg did not love it, but was always a great sport.

Plan B turned out to be an artist (I think?). And it's funny because I don't even remember how I ultimately dressed up. Artist vs. Urkel? We may never know who won.

This year, the extent of my Halloween decor can be found below (and it's not even in my apartment):

Two pumpkins - whose sizes accidentally depict the size of the universities - dripping with school spirit!

I do like the idea of Halloween because it means fall is on and honeycrisp apples are here, y'all. It also means little kids dressing up in the cutest little snuggly outfits. I mean, pigs have never looked so gosh darn adorable. And I do love a clever costume on adults.

Heck, maybe someday Halloween/October will even mean watching the Cubs play!

Whoa. Too far, Ker, too far, too soon.

Anywho, are you dressing up for Halloween? Did you already celebrate this weekend? What was the best costume you saw? Better yet, what was the worst?