Friday, October 26, 2012

ignorance is baffling.

At the risk of falling victim to the double post, this is one link worth posting over and over (again).

As I mentioned when I initially shared this with my Facebook friends, I'm by no means political, but this goes beyond politics and straight to humanity.

A definite must-read.

In short, the above URL is an open letter from Special Olympic athlete John Stephens, who responds in the classiest of manners, to an insensitive tweet by Ann Coulter (an extremely conservative author) following the Presidential debate Tuesday night.

Stay classy, John Stephens. I'd like to shake your hand one day. May we all be so lucky to know someone of your character in our lives.
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Sidenote: I should not have read this follow up article because it just makes me more mad.

Friday, October 19, 2012

minty fresh.

Entering the real world was a rude slap in the face by dolla dolla bills.

I'm talking money management, you guys.

While I don't go on huge shopping sprees, I'll go on little sprees...a little too often. Paired with additional spending (for weddings, gifts, travel, etc.), I need to get things a little more under control. Excel just wasn't cutting it anymore.

I had attempted a few years back, but like most things, clearly they just needed to work out a few of their kinks because I'm back at it. I just reconfigured everything this morning and it's already a cleaner lay-out and an eye-opening "I owe how much?"

Why is cool, you ask? I'll tell you.

Although it seems scary and shady to link up your bank account and credit cards onto some random website, I've done some reading on their security measures. Their founder, Aaron Patzer, mentions that "account information is encrypted and stored on's own servers, which are located in an unmarked building. To get into the building, Mr. Patzer said, one needs to scan his or her hand, pass by a guard and then go through a long hallway where you'll be trapped if there are suspicions about you."

They also hire "white knights" aka hackers to try and break into the system every three months. They hire knights? Good enough for me!

Security issues aside, in a world where we all have a 102 usernames and passwords, it's nice to have one consistent log-in to view all the credit cards and bank accounts on one site. Talk about streamlining!

With the holidays coming up, I've decided to set a few rules for myself (I'm a sucker for some rules and a list):
1. No clothing/apparel purchases for me
2. Hit up the grocery store at least twice a month and pack more lunches
3. Pay with cash more
4. Use debit card as much as possible
5. Don't worry about money - it's just paper!

Cheers to smarter spending and a larger savings account for the just in cases...

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Friday, October 12, 2012

baby boom.

Here's the thing: my friends are having babies now.

That's reality.

For the first five years out of college, it was all about weddings. It still is, but now babies are being added to the mix and this is something my little head (no seriously, I have a small head. Big brain though.) just can't seem to comprehend. How are we old enough to be in charge of little creatures who fuss, smile, eat, sleep and snuggle?

This has totally taken me by surprise, shock and the best way ever.

Lauren and Brad were in Chicago for the quickest week in the history of weeks (visiting from Singapore...with about ten million bags in tow. NBD) and they brought along just about the sweetest bundle of joy one could imagine: baby Ford. I fell in love instantly.
I mean, seriously?
I found myself just looking at Lauren, then looking at Ford, then looking at Lauren looking at Ford and my heart grew three sizes that day (much like the Grinch minus the whole he "stole Christmas" shtick). My friend totally and completely enamored with her baby plus me totally enamored and completely with her baby. What's not to love?

Let's all gaze at the baby and watch him do nothing. Who knew doing nothing could be so fascinating? Just like watching a fire: mesmerizing.
So easy on the eyes.
The strangest thing about the whole "Lauren had a baby - a real life baby" phenomenon is I never saw her pregnant in person, which makes this experience even more surreal. Sure, I saw pictures, received texts, read her blog, but I never realized how not seeing one of my best friends pregnant in person totally changes the realization that she is a MOM (and a ridiculously flippin' cute one at that).

Ford is one lucky babe. Not only is he surrounded with a hands-on loving family, he has the mother of the year. What earns Lauren this title merely seven weeks into little boy's life? Just the fact she accidentally called her son "Skipper" (a.k.a. her dog's name) last night.

In all seriousness, seeing her with him is just about the coolest thing and it makes me smile right now just thinking about it. I know, ultimate cheeseball alert. Get over it. She is absolutely glowing and in for the ride of a lifetime - and I get to be a  passenger! Aunt Kerri to the rescue, you guys!

I cannot wait for the rest of this boy's life...mostly to see what other creative names Lauren gives him along the way.

Ready, set, go! Oh and also, please just move back to Chicago already. Please and thank you.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

buckeye bounce.

I love DePauw. Absolutely love it and I wouldn't change my college experience for anything in the world, but I can say DePauw football games are essentially glorified high school games. I say this not wanting to take away from any of the talent on the field or how much fun I had at any of the games.

However, this past weekend, I experienced some true college football.

Ohio State vs Nebraska 
The 100th anniversary of OSU Homecoming 

It was seriously one of the coolest experiences I've ever had...mainly because I kept asking myself, "This is real life?" and "How do students do this every Saturday in the fall?" Every Saturday! 

Let me begin with the tailgating experience. We got to be all VIP (thanks to Mike's friend's brother) and were graciously invited to The Fan 97.1's tailgate. And let me tell you, that tailgate knew what it was doing. Not only was there a Jeep with a TV which just magically appeared in the backseat, but also its very own PORT-A-POTTY (insert: "you know you've made it when..." here).

Pimped out Jeep 
Never have I seen so much college-themed paraphernalia in my life. Pashminas, golf shoes, earrings. You name it and it was covered in Buckeye. Was it all necessary? You can bet the owners of said paraphernalia would not hesitate with their "duh, yes" answers.

To the left stands the reason we were there
and to the right, stands the reason I was there.
So apparently in Columbus, instead of being predictable and calling this what it was - a pep rally - they call it a "Skull Session." I have no idea why - maybe because the marching band is so loud in your skull? Seems like a stretch, but I'll buy it because it was pretty darn neat. Hearing Urban Meyer give a little pep talk, seeing the whole team suited up and watching the most fascinating Men's Glee Club leader in the history of Men's Glee Clubs. Not to mention we sweet-talked our way into sitting pretty in row 1. I've never been impressed by a marching band more. Or so I thought, little did I know what half-time would bring...

The "Greatest Band in the Land"
View of The Ohio Stadium. Who knew we helped set an attendance record? Go & brush yo' shoulders off. 

These two people had zero clue thirteen touchdowns were about to happen in the game.

I had no idea this game would be such a learning experience. What you see below is called "Script Ohio" and it's just about the craziest thing humans can do. All those band members are in motion, weaving in and out of each other to write Ohio in cursive and not run into each other. How do they do it? We'll never know. Oh yeah and can you see those bodies on the 20 yard line? The Nebraska kicker turned out to be a real jerk and came onto the field to practice while the band was still performing. The nerve! Go back to Nebraska, you Cornhusker!

Mike's phone is fancier than mine (waaah waaah) behold the sweet panoramic shot he captured:

Then I pretty much owned Ohio Stadium. Typical, right? Actually, no, not really at all. It was the Buckeyes who owned the Cornhuskers: 63 - 38. A real defensive battle.

Before heading back to the lovely city of Chicago on Sunday morning, we made a few pit stops around campus (it was my first time after all) and got a sneak peek at a real Heisman Trophy! Not only do I now know who Archie Griffin is, I also have seen one of his trophies. Super cool, but the plaque was much more generic than I was anticipating: "Outstanding College Football Player in the United States." Guess beggars can't be choosers.

Moral of the story: I found out I have been spelling Ohio correctly all my life - as confirmed by the constant cheers during the game. I totally get the hoopla around Ohio State football and I'm on board - Buckeye bouncin' all the way. Their marching band is pretty much the greatest. And I just love football, regardless of who plays.

In case you're interested, here's the halftime show. Prepare to have your socks blown off:

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

kerriPhone outfit

That awkward moment where you realize your outfit matches your iPhone cover...

Welcome to my today.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

for once, BEARable!

You know what I'm not?

I am not a Jay Cutler fan. I never have been and I'm tempted to add: "and I never will be." However, I've learned in my life to never say never (and no, Justin Bieber did not first teach me those wise words. That credit goes to the pigeons in American Tail).

You know what else I'm not?

I'm not a cat fan. I don't like cats. I like dogs. Dogs do something. They enjoy your company. They get excited to see you. Cats do none of these things. They are seemingly useless (I apologize to all my friends who are cat fans. Please know this is not directed towards you - merely your animal of choice).

So when I stumbled upon this article which compares Jay Cutler to that of a cat? I was instantly smiling and nodding my head in agreement. Not only because it's hysterical, but also because after reading the article, IT JUST MIGHT BE TRUE.
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Although I'm not fan of Cutty, we do need a quarterback and if this is what I'm dealing with, I'll long as they keep winning and as long as he continues to throw to the right team.