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dancing queen.

sleep in heavenly peace.

fall back.

what makes this beautiful

flip this apartment

and my vote goes to....


ignorance is baffling.

minty fresh.

baby boom.

buckeye bounce.

kerriPhone outfit

for once, BEARable!

the f word.

fall me maybe.

dennis screwball

just did it.

shut the font door.

"and my name's tim mcgraw!"

where the wind blows, babe

at least i don't see dead people.

no words necessary

setting the bar...pretty low.

wake up, north carolina.

walk on, walk offs.

perfect places.

april is for fools.

thank goodness for pilgrims.


i'm corny, baby

i'll never let go.

the oreo's so old.

on the spot talent.

the mystery of the missing "bless you"

come on, Google. you’re better than that.

chi-town sunday.

just do this.