Wednesday, August 12, 2015

that time i fell in love with minnesota.

and two boys under the age of three.

That second part sounds creepier than intended.

At the end of July, I finally got the chance to visit my friend LJ's lakehouse in Minnesota. I've only been hearing about this so-called Pelican Lake since 2002 so I figured - fine, I guess this friendship isn't going away and thirteen years later, I made it!
oh hello, my love.
Something I realized on my way up there: I'd never been outside in Minnesota. My only experience was staying inside the Minneapolis airport (solid airport, by the way).

Fresh Minnesota air.
Quality time (aka spending a first of the month with someone who truly appreciates it as much as you).
Homecooked meals.
Sparklers (not the firework-y kind)

It was the recipe for a perfect long weekend. And it was. Oh it was.

Here's the sneak peek:

Teach Fordie pie the importance of selfies. While he drools. What an (almost) 3 year old move:

His dad graciously brought him a lollipop the size of his head. How sweet:

Donaldson boys: reunited!

Saturday happy hour cruisin' with this strappin' lad:

I woke up like this:

Sunday bloody (Mary) Sunday:

Just holding an intellectual conversation about waterskiing with your toes with my bud, Kelly:

Upside down giggles:

Sweet new kicks!

Best slippers around:

I'm so glad I finally got to enjoy it. I'm just bummed it took me so long to get there!

The good news? I'll be so very back if the gracious hosts allow it!