Thursday, January 29, 2015

just a little soapbox.

I'm tired of reading fitness blogs that preach what you should and should not do.

I'm not anything really. Other than being 100% real and a lady with a hard full-time job that often leaves me coming home, exhausted. I still get up in the mornings and work out. Or if I opt to snooze a bit, I do my darnest to get a post-work workout in.

Every single one of us is different. It's what makes the world go round and keeps it interesting. Exercise is good for the health. I'd even "argue" better for the mental health than anything.

There is no wrong way to move.

So please don't tell me to stop eating cheese or stop eating Kit Kats. Don't tell me to stop counting calories or stop counting steps or whatever it is you might need to count.

If counting helps you hold yourself accountable, then count. If you need to walk instead of run, then walk. I say: keep doing whatever works for you. Because those people telling you to "stop" should really be telling you to GO. And you should be proud of yourself for going.

Monday, January 5, 2015

all was merry & bright & warm.

I feel like a broken record each year, recalling how fast the holiday season flies by and how awesome everything is.

This year was no different, except was.

Instead of a white Christmas, we were lucky enough to spend two weeks away from the winter coats and wind chill - and spend time in Siesta Key instead. Apparently I had been before but I was only six weeks old and slept in a drawer so technically I'm counting this as my first time - as I'm now 30 and got upgraded to a bed.

We rented a condo right across the street from the beach and I'd say it's a Christmas miracle we are all still talking and enjoy each other's company after spending 10+ days together.

I know I'm lucky but there's something about the holiday season that offers a sweet sweet reminder of all things that are good. And just how grateful I am to have these four knuckleheads by my side for always.

And since I do pictures, here's a quick photographic recap of the trip:

The view every morning:

Mugs and I wasted no time setting a new paddleball record on the world's craziest, most sugar like sand:

Dad just loves being close to his son:

That one time I combined Mark and Mugs to give him a new nickname of "Margs" then he consumed one: 

To wrap up the parents' 35th anniversary, we got them a sunset dinner cruise and it was delightful:

Open containers are allowed on the beaches? Nuff said: 

Post sunset sky:

Peg and I borrowed these cabanas for sunset:

New Year's Eve in Naples on TCB's boat and this happened (and I was absolutely obsessed): 

The remaining Angels on NYE:

Just drinking some champs in front of my new dream home: 

Glen Ellyn hits Siesta Key: 

One last sunset:

Cheersin' to a solid vacation and Mark looking like another race:

So bring it on, 2015. I'm more than ready for you and truly looking forward to see what this year has in store.