Monday, August 30, 2010

thank you, HBO.

for picking up "Sex & the City" and making me realize that one day, I'd be old enough to make a pun of the name. I never really followed the show - I guess I just knew at an early age that I would never truly embrace The Big Apple, but:

Enter: Katie J-May's birthday.

Luckily, she's about six months younger than the rest of us so I got to take her love for this HBO hit series and run with it. Thank you, age twenty-six.

And threw her a little dinner party I did!

The centerpiece is a little masterpiece I created:

Thank goodness her wedding day hairdo prompted perfect head placement on Carrie Bradshaw. She probably planned that all along.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

helmet head.

Life is tough. Helmets shouldn't be optional.

Kristyn and I were chatting the other day about how it should be acceptable for everyone to always wear a helmet 100% of the time. Think of the design possibilities. You'd feel more protected.

Since this probably isn't the way of the future, you might as well talk a few friends into the helmet cause and have some fun with it!

Here's where Megsters demonstrates to Tony
the proper way to snap the helmet buckle:

Megsters is proud to be safe:

Helmets inspire Jill to dance:

As for me? I just think helmets are totally #1:

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

sometimes saturdays

look like this if you're Mark:

(Baldhead Island)
Like this if you're Ricky:

And like this if you're me:

(it's a secret)

Then I learned my parents were cleaning their garage...I felt guilty, but not for long.

tricky mice.

One wouldn't think it'd be that difficult to hang onto a good mouse for your computer. Yet, for whatever reason, my mice don't tend to stick around long at the office. I've resorted to using a free mouse from one of our advertisers. Yes, those are floating devices in said mouse. And yes, it's okay to be jealous.

Somewhere in my move from Philadephia to Chicago, I lost my beloved "Greatest Show on Earth" mouse pad and I know it'd be easy enough to request a new one from the friends who are still there, but instead, I tapped into my creative side.

The thing about this free mouse is that it requires a piece of paper in order to move around correctly. The after-hours cleaning lady kept throwing out my paper that I was using and with the environment on my mind, I created my own mouse pad:

life is tough

for everyone. Some have it worse than others.

As Curly Girl Designs suggests, "life is tough. i recommend getting a manicure and a really cute helmet."

I'd also recommend getting GLOW IN THE DARK animal bands and friends who will remind you of who you are.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

you saw it here first.

I had an idea! So I submitted that idea to one of my favorite Web sites in the whole wide large world - Story People.

I have no idea if they take requests or accept stories from outsiders, but I figured everything's always worth a try.

Here's what I submitted - it's called "Too Awesome":

Is it possible to be too awesome he asked & she said no - but if you are talking about yourself, then that doesn't really apply.

So here's hoping!

if i wasn't such a sucker for you.

I've never been a huge lollipop fan. When I found myself in a penny candy shop as a kid, I'd head straight to the caramel cremes, cherry coins or swedish fish.

The hotel we graced our presence with in Colorado kept a nice stash of Chupa Chups at the front desk.

What's a Chupa Chup, you ask?

Great question. It's a lollipop which entices you to take life less seriously. It enticed Mark to try each flavor at least once and it fooled Ricky into thinking they only labeled the flavors in French. Turns out he doesn't have a future in France. (We later shared with him that if he merely rotated the sucker 180 degrees, he'd find the English version of the flavor - but what fun is that?)

It's the perfect treat after lunch and now I'm just bummed because it seems this was the last of my stash in my purse. All the more reason to savor every last French flavor there is!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

the trip out west

via film. Warning: if you don't like watching videos, this blog post is not for you.

It all started with a practice session where Dad attempted to rap "Better Together:"

Flash forward to the dance floor at the reception. Spotted: A thrilling interpretation of "Thriller":

Mark hits the floor and next thing you know:

The Cupid Shuffle happened:

Just your average Ugly Face contest on film:

This is hands-down my favorite clip of the whole night, don't mind the first 7 me...the whole thing is worth it:

Naturally, there are about 26 more short videos, but I'll be saving those for special occasions only. Just be glad you got this many - as if you really watched them all (or any of them at all).