Tuesday, December 6, 2016

one year of bella-ness!

A year ago today, I was walking into Felines & Canines, ready to meet my soon-to-be Bella. While I knew life could potentially change, I was also convinced she wouldn't turn out to be the dog I hoped and I'd leave empty handed.

Boy, was I ever wrong. And thank goodness for that.

When I first saw her on Petfinder, her name was "Tiff" and she was described as "sweet but timid". It was her eyes that did me in. I knew I had to at least meet her and here we stand: one year later.

It's been a bit challenging, definitely life changing and I'm pretty confident I've never been obsessed with anything more in my life.

I'm just so happy this perky, energetic, cuddly, gentle sweetheart ended up with me. I can only hope this next year brings less remote controls chewed upon, less pillows snacked on and even more fun.

Thursday, September 22, 2016


Does this feel even more like a Throwback Thursday because I'm actually posting?

Well, believe you me, your eyes do not deceive you. This is present time and I'm back...with a #tbt post because these are some things I'm loving today - which are bringing it back:
  • Cinnamon Toast Crunch. They were on sale at the grocery store the other day and I had to have them. Now that the entire box is gone, I remember why I cannot keep this item in my own house.

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  • Let me Blow Your Mind. a la the E-V-E and Gwen Stefani. Man, this jam brings me back to high school and when I thought I was just the coolest - blaring it with the top off the Jeep and cruisin' the GE streets.

  • The 64 mega-pack from Crayola with the sharpener. I haven't bought school supplies in years, but I saw a picture of a crayon box the other day and thought YES. That's the stuff! These used to be so hard to come by and man, did you have your pick of the litter when you had 64 colors to share.
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So much goodness. Back in the day.