Monday, January 30, 2012

there's nuun like it.

I can't drink Gatorade anymore. It upsets my stomach. Maybe it's the sugar but something in that concoction just does not agree with me.

I was chatting with The Joe about my stomach/sports drink frustration over the holidays and he opened his ever-handy drawer full of runner's introduce me to the world of nuun.

My sports drink world has officially been rocked. It's got more flavor than water (but really, what doesn't have more flavor than water?) but also adds electrolytes to your water via a tablet! It takes two minutes to dissolve and it's fun to watch it fizzle away. A lot more fun than Alka-Seltzer, that's for sure. Even better - there's zero sugar!

I'm pretty excited to be able to restore my electrolytes without losing my stomach too! #littlevictories

51* in january.

Maybe those Mayans were onto something with the world ending this December because this winter has been insane. Insane in that it really hasn't been that cold and the snow has been kept to a minimum. If you know me at all, you know that is NOT up my alley. Something's wrong with me because I truly love the Chicago winters. I mean, let's be honest, I just love Chicago.

However, today, oh today...the high was 51*...which meant I got to open my balcony door and let the sunshine and fresh air in. Therefore today was glorious.

So while I'm not dreading a dreary February, I am appreciating this here strange spring-like day just because it may very well snow tomorrow. Or in June.

Room with a view.

Monday, January 9, 2012

i haven't blogged all year!

So we meet for the first time, 2012, and so far, I like what I see. I'd also like to thank my dad for calling me out that my last post was almost a month ago. Sorry I've been busy with life, father.

In all seriousness, the holidaze have come and gone like they always do - my mom's gallbladder has come and gone always does? No, not really, but she did get into a massive fight with it where the doctor found it necessary to break the two up so gallbladder no more!

Mark's come back from Spain and brought all his hair with him and more. It appears he's also left his English there and is currently saying things like "I has air pipe" and "I actually have a really big bottom lip." It's amusing so we're all hoping this is how it remains because it's free entertainment at its best.

Mainly I'm writing this post now because Alabama is only up 15-0 against LSU in this national championship and I'm too antsy to watch. I don't want to text Ricky because he's already "lubricated and ready for the game."

So until then...ROLL TIDE ROLL!