Thursday, December 10, 2015

i'm in love! i'm in love!

And I don't care who knows it! (quote compliments of Elf)

The newest love of my life?

Sweet Bella girl. Don't we look great together?

She's just the bees knees and more. So gentle and fun and wonderful. She hasn't figured out that her crate is also her friend, but she's so smart - I have no doubt she will very soon. Check out this mad head tilt:

I mean. I can't even handle that she's real. 

I was browsing Petfinder on Saturday afternoon - just looking - and I stumbled upon her listing. The first thing that caught my eye were her eyes. They were so sweet and soulful and I knew I had to go meet her. I borrowed brother's car the next day and kid you not: she was the first dog I saw at this seriously amazing shelter called Felines & Canines up north and I.Was.Hooked. So many questions ran through my head, but as soon as we were in a room one on one, I knew this was my dog. And I think she knew something too (because you know - she's the smartest).

So here we are! Figuring things out - not really sleeping - but my gosh - she just rocks.

And she's mine! Come visit. She loves people. And anything that moves. And small treats. And cuddling.