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Fork in the garbage disposal!

B is for ???

Playing Fair and Drinking Responsibly

Failure is NOT an Option

I'll Back You Up

Twelve (hundreds of dollars worth of) days of Christmas

Not the Mr. G I Used to Know

What Day Is It? What Child Is This?

How Not To Propose

Oh, Sweet Lunar

Happy Holidays! Love, the Angels

Buddies and Elves

Good point!

Don't Give Up

Work It

A Vision of Light

Happy 21st, Mom!

It really is that simple. hits a new level...

Redesign in '09

'Mingos Make Me Merry


One Sweet Day

The "Business Proposal"

I Got the Gold Medal in Knowledge!

Imagine That

De de de da do dah doe doe dee di ditty da

Dr. Seuss on Dateline

We Know The Game and We're Gonna Play It

Real Men of Genius Moves

Power of Music

Hardly Romantic, but Highly Entertaining

Rudolph, the ninth and final reindeer


Silly Penguins

YES, you CAN...make your own decisions.


You can stand under my umbrella 'ella 'ella

Let's focus on the important.


Don't do it.

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

What is...

CAN you dig it?

Digital, Digital Get-Up

We Want The Funk

Who's she? ...I never know.

Totally serious.

Diamonds are a girl's best friend

Turn the world on with your smile

Live long with the good life

Wiig-ing out.

Mr. Clean

Barack n' roll

Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun

Yes? No? Maybe so!

Joe knows pop culture...

All the studs are Greek

The Singing Bee

I want a Jim

I know why HE's singing about rainbows

What a HOOT

People are funny


It doesn't take much to entertain me

Go ahead, have a ball!

Overheard at MY office

"You're a great...zombie"

The Sweet Es*CAPE*

Type OH

Maybe It's a Little Too Early...

I like presents


THE secret

"The Hills" are alive...

Aloha, amazing website.

Batting .400

Dot is great, dot is so great

My friends are funnier than yours

Yadda yadda yadda

Break Me Off a PIECE of that.

Something 'bout a Sunday

The Michael everyone's talking about these days

So many words to choose from!

Red Flag