Twelve (hundreds of dollars worth of) days of Christmas

Growing up, my friend and I would make it our goal to sing "The 12 Days of Christmas" successfully without messing up during our walk home from elementary school. Starting December 1, we would painfully get through the twelve days while taking an hour. I specifically remember getting stuck on the "seven" and sitting at the corner, in our beautifully colored snowsuits, discussing whether it was pipers piping or swans a-swimmin'. After all, those were the important things.

Have you ever wondered how much all those items would actually cost?

One partridge in a pear tree: $15 for the patridge and $150 for the pear tree --> $165 total
Two turtle doves: $40
Three french hens: $45
Four calling birds (aka canaries who knew??): $600
Five golden rings: $395
Six geese-a-laying: $360
Seven swans-a-swimming: $4,200 holy pricey!!
Eight maids-a-milking: $47
Nine ladies dancing (per performance): $4,759
Ten lords-a-leaping (per performance): $4,285
Eleven pipers piping (per performance): $2,213
Twelve drummers drumming (per performance): $2,398

GRAND TOTAL: $19,507 (this number implies nine through twelve only performed once)

Yikes. It's also said these items are more expensive online.

I wonder if you can find seven swans-a-swimming on eBay for less? Buy it now!

(information courtesy of MSNBC)


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