One Sweet Day

While out to eat with my dad today at lunch, we started talking about Mariah Carey. This topic then prompted the following conversation...

Dad: I really like that one song she sings about heaven...and she sings with someone else.
me: hmmm...she does sing a song with Whitney Houston, featured in a Disney film.
Dad: No... [while singing to himself]
me: OH! "One Sweet Day"? With Boyz II Men?
Dad: Yes! That's a great song! Didn't she write it for someone? What was his name? Sheeky Tuko? Sheeka Tukup? Sheek Tulu?
me: You're getting closer....
Dad: Shoot, why do I even try with names?
me: I think you're going for Tupac Shakur...and actually, no, that song wasn't written for him.

Anyways, you probably had to be there to hear my dad say "SHEEKY TUKO" with such exuberance that you wish Tupac's real name was Sheeky...

And for the record, visit here to learn who "One Sweet Day" was written for. In the meantime, I'll keep hoping that one sweet day, my father will properly name a celebrity just once.


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