Oh, Sweet Lunar

The other night, we were talking about where my roommate was going to go for her honeymoon - after viewing her and the beau's official "wedding" page. The last tab was a survey, asking people to say where they should go. The choices were Hawaii, Canada, Las Vegas or Mexico.

So we're talking about the honeymoon when I realize - what a strange term honeymoon is. Clearly, this led me to ask my two friends if they knew the origin – both gave me blank stares.


Naturally, we Googled it and multiple stories were found. This one was my favorite explanation:

The word honeymoon has its roots in Norse word “hjunottsmanathr” which was anything but blissful. The Northern European history describes it as the abduction of a bride from the neighboring village. It was imperative, that the abductor, who is husband to be, take his bride to be into hiding for period of time. His friends assured his and her safe keeping and kept their whereabouts unknown. Once the bride’s family gave up their search, the bridegroom returns to his people. This folkloric explanation presumably is the origin of today’s ‘honeymoon’, for its original meaning meant ‘hiding’.

How romantic!


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