Thursday, February 28, 2013


Let's backpedal a couple weeks and talk about the start of Lent.

Ash Wednesday was February 13 a.k.a. the day before the big 2-9! (As Peg wisely pointed out "So glad your b-day is squeezed between Ash Wednesday and a Friday in Lent! Phew" - meaning we could devour the cheeseburgers for dinner guilt-free). I digress.

The big question lingering over errybody's head is WHAT DO I GIVE UP FOR LENT?

I've done the pop thing.
I've done the candy thing.
Yadda yadda yadda.

I needed something new. Something edgy.

I tapped into my inner self and asked, "Self, what would be a super challenging thing for you to give up?"

Sadly, a few things came to mind far too easily, but that's neither here nor there.

The end result: "No online shopping for 40 days."

This entails: clothes, jewelry, food and basically everything (with the exception of airfare because homegirl's got a few places to be).

Here's the old me online shopping! Don't I look goooooooooooooooooood?

Just kidding. That's not me. I just borrowed the image from this article.
Anywho, I'm two weeks in and proud to say: two weeks online shopping free.

Pretty sure my credit cards have not been sadder, but my wallet's been much happier. This is one time where "it's what on the inside that counts" does not apply.

What did YOU forgo these next 40 days?

** And for your reference, this really is me and some of the fam the day I entered my 29th year on this here confusing Earth:

Just being epic.
Roll Tide?

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

cutting the cheese.

Cheese. You sweet delectable dangerous dairy product you.

I love it and I hate it.

I love it because well, come on, it's cheese.

I hate it because - truth be told - it doesn't really help my body in the unhealthy doses I tend to eat it in.

That said, I may be a month late, but I'm introducing a new rule into my eating habits (note: I don't use the word "diet." Diet just seems so negative, so temporary and so angry!).

My new rule? Limit the cheese.

This won't stop me from eating pizza or the occasional mac n cheese, but I'm hoping it will stop me from eating cheese and crackers for dinner. Yes, I'm 28 (for one more week!) and still eat just that for dinner. Stop judging. It's delicious.

Here's the sad little cheese I removed from my sandwich today:

Go ahead and call me out on the bite missing (Mike already did), but I said limit myself, not deprive.

Monday, February 4, 2013

quote of the day.

So it's February now?

How did that happen? What this [month] means to me is I have lived another year (ay carumba).

I thought I'd share this tidbit I read the other morning. A tidbit I totally intend to embrace:

"For a long time, you vaguely assume that there’s a you who you’re going to be when you grow up, and then you realize that you have been grown up for a while and this is it; this is you, pretty much for keeps."*

So that's that. 

I'm me for keeps**...and luckily, I'm a-okay with that

Also, one of my favorite things about February? Conversation hearts!

This year, it appears I bought Spanish ones on accident...mmm me gusta!

* Unfortunately, I can't take advantage of this quote, but you can read more here
** Note: "me for keeps" just means I'll be a work in progress forever. Join me!